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Helpful Information

This page is for helpful comments to be added by our guests. Please email us with ideas!


A good public bus system runs from Paphos Airport to Paphos and Coral Bay, passing through the tourist areas. There are also routes up to the old town and market. Prices are a standard €1.50 for all single routes. Evening rates can be higher.
There are also day and week passes. Look for children's discounts.

For timetables see: http://www.pafosbuses.com - the OSYPA Bus company web site. There are variations between summer and winter.
It is not necessary to book the airport buses.

Getting here from the airports

(see also Getting Here) for car travel.)

 - From Paphos Airport

The Osypa web site has a link for the Paphos Airport bus timetable.
At €1.50 per person (more in late evening) they are much cheaper than taxis but you will need to get off at the Alexander the Great Hotel and walk the last 350 metres up the road opposite to Limnaria Villas.
The timetable varies according to season so check it - and maybe ring to confirm it is up-to-date: Tel (+357) 26 94 20 69.

 - From Larnaca Airport

There are 2 ways to take the bus from/to Larnaca Airport: a) direct to Paphos Airport or b) on 2 buses via Limassol (Lemesos).

a) The direct route takes about 90 minutes and costs around €15 but is less frequent. See: Kapnos Airport Shuttle. Once at Paphos Airport it is easy to take the local bus to the end of the road. Booking recommended.
b) The second route takes 2-3 hours, depending on connections. It is necessary to change on the outskirts of Limassol but at the same place.
The bus stops at the bus station in Paphos (Karavella), which is about 2-3 km from the apartments. It is then necessary to take additional buses to near the Alexander the Great Hotel, 350m away from the apartments, or a taxi.
Cyprus By Bus website can help with planning.

The fares are such that it is definitely worth while financially for one or two people to take the bus.
Unfortunately, the links and frequency vary considerably according to the time of year, so, if in doubt, ring the companies beforehand to find out details.
The web sites are: Kapnos Airport Shuttle - bus Larnaca airport to Limassol (Lemesos) and Intercity Buses - bus Limassol (Lemesos) to Paphos. Change at the Saint George Havouzas shuttle bus stop.
The other option, which will take you right to the apartment, is to take a 'shared taxi' from Limassol. (Travel Express) from the changing point. This is not much more expensive and will then take you direct to Limnaria Villas. The attendant in the kiosk at the Limassol bus stop may ring for you. This service only runs during the day (about 6.00 am to 18.00.)
Travel Express also do direct shared taxi airport travel for around €25 per person (2017.)

 - Private buses

There are also companies that puts on minibus airport transfers. These may appear reasonable for large groups that would only fit into several taxis. See Shuttledirect.com for one example.

- Taxis or car hire from the airport

Since they charge per person, it becomes viable to take your own taxi if you have larger numbers. See Holidaytaxis.com - look under "Greece/Cyprus!" With this kind of provider you need to book ahead.
Do not pick up a taxi direct from outside the airport. This is expensive. Make sure you have one booked beforehand. See our page Car Hire and Taxis

It is also possible to hire (best booked beforehand) a car for the airport. If you are going to hire for a short period, some hire companies will pick you up at Larnaca for a fee much lower than taxi prices.

Shopping for basics on arrival

There are convenience shops in the Limnaria Shopping area.


Driving is on the left, as in Britain.

Speed Limits

Speeding attracts fines and speed cameras are in increasing use.

Drink Driving or Driving under the Influence of Alcohol.

It is illegal to drive a car or motorbike - or even pedal cycle - while under the influence of alcohol.   Foreign licence holders not living in Cyprus can be fined on the spot or imprisoned.


The apartments receive Internet TV (with special access to British, German, Norwegian and Russian programmes), Cypriot TV, which has some English language programmes, and satellite TV.

Emails and Internet

Broadband internet access is available in the apartments at no extra charge - but bring your own equipment.
There are also internet or wifi cafés in the town.


If your mobile telephone bill might turn out very expensive consider buying a Cyprus SIM card. Check first that your telephone is unlocked. The cards themselves cost around 15-20 CYP, including some air time. Try CYTA, Primetel or MTN.


The electricity in Cyprus is 240 volts, as in Britain, and plugs are as the British-type 3-pin plugs. There are adapters (from the European 2-pin) kept in each of the apartments for use by guests who bring their own personal equipment such as phone chargers. Most electrical equipment is provided, as described elsewhere.


As with many Mediterranean countries, water is short in Cyprus, especially in summer.
This has been less of a problem recently. However, there are some restrictions on such activities as watering gardens and there can be short duration water cuts.
Both apartments have large tanks on the roof which should be enough to satisfy need during any cuts, as long as water is used carefully e.g. don't take baths and remember the washing machine takes a lot of water.
If the water from the drinking water tap is not flowing, then, if you are drinking a lot, it may be more pleasant to use bottled water during the period of the cut, as water in the other taps comes through the tank.



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