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Limnaria Gardens, Limnaria Villas and Limnaria

We sometimes receive requests to clarify the differences between "Limnaria Gardens", "Limnaria Villas" and "Limnaria".   This appears to be particularly important when explaining to taxi drivers!

Limnaria can be considered as a single area, often described for holidays as "the best location in Paphos".
It is within easy, level, walking distance of the sea, the harbour, shops, restaurants and 'bar street'.   Yet the residential parts are set back from the main road, away from noise and far enough from bar street that you are not affected by it.  (See "location" for more details.)

It receives its name from the Limnarka 'river', opposite, across the road.    This river is captured in a gully and only has water in it after rain. However, there is a small park area along the side of it, which adds to the pleasure of the situation.

There are three elements to Limnaria: Limnaria Villas, Limnaria Gardens and Limnaria Shopping Centre (Limnaria).

Image showing the position of Limnaria Gardens, Limnaria Villas and Limnaria

View of Limnaria, showing Limnaria Villas, Limnaria Gardens and Limnaria Shopping.  Click the picture to enlarge.

1. Limnaria Shopping Centre and original housing

Nearest to the main coast road and the oldest area is the Limnaria Shopping Centre. This has colonnaded shopping and restaurants - naturally open for public use. (See "location")

There are some apartments above the shops and town houses behind.   However, not many of these are let out privately for holidays.

There is a rectangular swimming pool and tennis courts on the area, which can be used by non-residents.

2. and 3. Limnaria Gardens and Limnaria Villas


Limnaria Gardens and Limnaria Villas have considerable similarities. They are both recently built by the same developer (Leptos), with very similar building styles.
They consist of privately-owned apartments, townhouses and villas. The communal parts of the complexes are managed by a Leptos company called "Vesta Holidays". They are not, however, primarily holiday complexes.
Some of the accommodation is lived in by permanent residents; some is let out for part or all of the year.  Some owners let their properties through agents so they may seem to be holiday properties but are still, essentially, privately owned.

The main variations relate to the sizes of the two complexes and resulting difference in character.

  Limnaria Gardens

Limnaria Gardens is the second complex out from the sea.    It is very large, having 164 apartments in 8 3- and 4-storey blocks and 17 villas/town houses: a total of 181 units.

The basic layout is that the buildings are situated in a circle around a central pool area but most of the villas and an apartment block are sited on a back road, not directly overlooking the pool.   Many other apartments also do not look towards the pools.

  Limnaria Villas

Limnaria Villas is the third complex, so furthest from the busy coast road - but literally only a couple of steps further from the amenities.

It has 28 apartments, in 2 3-storey blocks, and 38 villas/town houses: in all 66 units.

The complex mostly faces the pool but is significantly different from Limnaria Gardens in that it is open on one side with views towards lemon groves and an animal sanctuary.
13 of the villas are on a back road not directly overlooking the common pool area but these are mostly not rented out.   The apartments all face the pool and open countryside.

  Resulting differences

Some people like very large, busy complexes, even if they are very noisy in summer.  Such is Limnaria Gardens.
The different kinds of pools may be interesting but at busy times it is possible that people may come in from elsewhere to use these facilities.  This would make it even busier.
The fact that the central common area is completely enclosed allows noise to echo and be amplified.

Limnaria Villas, the "bijou" Limnaria, is smaller, with more permanent residents and an open aspect to one side. It is much quieter and more peaceful. There is a much higher ratio of low-rise building so the complex could be considered more 'exclusive'.
There is an excellent pool with open areas large enough for even the busy times.
If other provision is required, such as jacuzzis or heated pools, these can be found within easy walking distance.


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